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vrijdag 8 februari 2013

The Sacrifice


Hello again!image
And yes you are going to see my works that i'm gonna post here.
Hope you dont mind?! image

I made this for school.
The assignment was to clone myself multiple times in a picture ~
And yeaaah.. i was the only one who thought of this hahaha!
I have such a dark mind lately.. well mostly because of the songs that i'm listening to at the moment.

The Birthday Massacre image
Is mostly one of them ~

Dunno if you heard of them, but their music is so mysterious, dark and just beautiful! 
Their music inspire me to make these kind of pictures.. i dont know why, it just gives me motivation to do it!  hehe.
Ohwell, and i've always liked the creepy/horror/ghost style , i love watching horror movies!

This is one of their new songs that i like alot and can't stop listening to!

(Yeah i dunno what's up with the weird youtube sizes.. but i have no idea how to make them smaller image)


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