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dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Active creations ~


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Lol okay i've found some really strange and creepy little emotions to fit mostly with this post hahaha!
Just like theseee ones: ...
yeah shall i quit already?? sorry to scare you guys 

I have been really active these days to make something vage in black and white!
Well the dog pictures, were made last week, when i was making a 10 picture story of my grandpa!
I will post that here soon as well! 

The last picture (the one with the creepy grudge beneath the bed) was made yesterday after i got home from school  It was still light outside and i took the chance to make some creepy stuff while i could! 
And the other two was made today! 
I will try to create something everyday, cuz i have a lot of fun making it!
I hope i won't give any nightmares too people tho.. 
Sorry if i do!

unhondje1 unusual creeping comingforyou

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