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dinsdag 26 februari 2013



hello hello ~image
Back with some works i made in mah free time.image
I've kinda mislead you guys with my first picture hahaha. Sorryyy. image
Yes there are some scary pics again, and i'm not going to stop!image
I feel too inspired to at least make something every day.. it's going to be a challenge.. haha.
And about my facespam, i was inspired to do a make-up look by Roxanne Rocknroll!image
I absolutely loveeee her make-up looks, she is so inspiring and an amazing artist!image
I know mine doesn't look as good as hers image But i tried xD image

[the look i tried to copy]

Ohwell. I will leave you guys with some more flattering pics of me, enjoy!!image

were not alone
"We are not alone"
white eyes
"Come to me"
"We're only just beginning.."

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