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woensdag 20 februari 2013

My grandpa.



Hey guys ~image
Just wanted to post my 10 picture story about my grandpa.image
I had to show this at school first, before putting it online ofcourse. It was a school assignment,
where i had to create a 10 picture story about a person.image
So i used my grandpa for it.image

I wanted to show how friendly and people-loving my grandpa is.image
Also that he lives alone with his dog, Trixie.image
The teacher said i did a good job, since it wasn't that easy to show it in just 10 pictures xD

I hope you guys, like it too! imageimage

Reportagefoto_2 Reportagefoto_3 Reportagefoto_4 Reportagefoto_5 Reportagefoto_6 Reportagefoto_7 Reportagefoto_8 Reportagefoto_9 Reportagefoto_10

thank you for watching/reading~image

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