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vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Dark stuff ~

"Haunting my own dreams"
haunted playwithfire
"Play with fire"

Oh hi again!image
Please dont mind me putting some creepy stuff in my posts haha image
I felt inspired again so i made these two!

The first one is about a girl who finds herself in a uh well.. creepy way xD
She's haunted by her own inner ghost.. trying to escape through the mirror.
It's kind of an mystery what will happen next in this picture.. probably something bad hahaimage

The second one i made is inspired by a song by the Birthday Massacre;
"Play with fire"
One of the songs that i've posted a while ago image
It's about a girl who's been possesed by evil and uses her "fire" to put down everything she dislikes in her life.
Her eyes lit up like fire ~

Well that was about it!
I have too many ideas in my head to make more pics, so i hope you won't mind
posting them here, hahaimage

Have a nice weekend guys ~image


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