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dinsdag 15 januari 2013

[sponsored] The Prodigurls Absolute - Dolce Brown lenses review~




Hello hello !
Long time no see i know.. i've been busy these few weeks and i still need a winter break..
I still have a hella lot to do with reviewing and stuff.. and i actually took a break of that as well since it just stressed me out..  
I wanted to give my eyes a rest and my hair a new color.. again LOL.
I know it has been seen a few times before, but i'm blonde again! 
I'm that color for about 2 weeks now and yeah, roots are already starting to show pretty quickly.. ugh
I want to dye my hair a baby pink.. even though with the roots starting and all..
So... hopefully i won't have to burn my hair all over again with the bleach 
Ohwell we'll see what happens after that.. xD

Aniwaysss back to some reviewsheise again. Yeah these pics i've used in this post is old..
They are still from the time i made around Christmas.. so i hope nobody minds xD
Aniway what i'm reviewing today is 
The Prodigurls Absolute - Dolce Brown lenses ~
Sponsored by Fynale!

Hope you like the review! 


blonde panda review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown5 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown6 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown7 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown8
The Prodigurls Absolute - Dolce Brown review

♥ Brand:The Prodigurls Absolute
♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 38%  
♥ Diameter: 16.5mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 1 year disposable 

review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown1 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown2 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown3 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown4 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown16 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown11
Natural indoor light.
With flash.
With and without lenses.
Colour and design []
It's a very natural lens with not much of a design in it.
Blends really naturally with my eyes and the black limball ring makes my eyes look more dolly!

Comfort:  []
Very comfortable! It lasts till 7-8 hours of wearing. (Eyedrops always recommended)

Enlargement:  [] 
Very nice and big enlargement for 16.5mm. Instant doll look ~

For a natural yet cute and dolly eyesight, this is the lens for you!
I would def wear this on natural ocasions like school ~

Want them? get them HERE! 


review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown14 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown13 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown17 review-TheProdigurlsAbsolute-DolceBrown15


Well this was the end of first post of 2013..
I know it's super late for new years resolutions but.. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE..
 (ahaha.. crawls back in corner again)

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