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dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Rohto Lycée contact eyedrops, Dariya Palty eyebrow mascara, Fresh Cherry Liptint Peach from Etude House AND Flaxen brown wig reviews ~


Hello hello! 
Soo.. finally another post about some other reviews, i've had to hold back for a while..
I hope nobody minds, some old pics of the wig i'm reviewing here.
Instead of the other products. They are only a few weeks old hehe.

Aniwaaays, this loong post is about the;

-Rohto Lycée contact eyedrops
-Dariya Palty eyebrow mascara
-Fresh Cherry liptint from Etude House
-Flaxen Brown wig 

I have bought all these items on Ebay. (Yes my one and only shopping place muaha)
And i was really excited to receive them, since most of them are quite popular these days.

Etude House - Fresh Cherry Liptint Peach

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
(after 3-4 swipes)
-Very moisturising 
-Doesn't feel sticky at all 
-Color is long lasting
-Cute package (ehe~) 

-Not a very vibrant color 
-Have to apply much to get to the color 

It feels really moisturing and good on the lips, well thats important of a liptint i guess.
About the showing color, its only visible if you apply much of it.
Since my lips, kinda look peachy itself, its not that major visible 
But its worth the spending ~
(apologize for not showing before pics.. kinda forgot  )

Dariya Palty Golden brown eyebrow mascara 

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
-Really vibrant color! 
-You dont have to apply much to get to this color
-Non lasting (After half a day, it kind of dissapears?)

I really had to try this product out, since i always buy their hair dye.
It's supposed to match with the hair color you use when you dye it in this color.
Well i'm really happy that my eyebrows really did change in to this light, brown/blondish color!
I've never tried eyebrow mascara before, and for a first time use, i'm pretty happy about it!
Well its not that long-lasting for very hot days   , so you really have to apply much if you do go out.
But its okay if you stay indoors, haha.

Rohto Lycée contact eyedrops

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
-Super cute package!
-Small and very handy for taking it with you 
-Smells and taste good (yah you can somehow taste it with your eyes )
-Really, really works if your eyes are tired and dried out and needs a boost, thats longlasting for 2-3 hours or so!

-It goes empty too fast?

I am so happy that i finally tried these! I actually never used eyedrops before.. well at least not for my contact lenses. And since i never really had the money to buy one.. i had to wait for a looong time to purchase this. UGH.  Aniwaayss every big "like" is already said. Hehe. I'm gonna use this one forever ~

Brown Flaxen Wig.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
I really like this wig! I used it for work for a while, and not everybody noticed that it was a wig lol.
So it does look natural and feels comfortable for a while. Unless for hot days..    then it feels like your scalp is burning..  
I think that i bought this wig for.. 30$ or something from a korean store on Ebay.
Unfortunately i couldn't find the link for you guys, i'm sorry! 

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Well these were my reviews for the day ~ 
I hope anyone find it usefull 
Have a nice week everybody  !


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