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donderdag 19 juli 2012

My vacation in the beautiful Ardennen [Part 2]


Hello people! 
Sorry for the wait but here's my second part of my beautiful journey in the Ardennen ~ 
I'm gonna talk less, cuz the pictures does enough of the talking already. 

b1 b2
On our way to the Waterfall 
b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b12 b13 b9 b10 b11
Luckily enough there was a amusement part right across the waterfall..xD
But we didn't go there, since it was hella expensive.. 
Our lunch that day.. god that was the grossest fries and frikandel speciaal we ever had.. 
b16 b17
Super-duper small snail hehe ~ 
b18 b19 b20 b21 b22 b23 b24
Looong trip to the forest that day and walking across cute paths ~
b25 b26 b27 b30 b29 b28 b32 b31 b33 b34
These dogs were staring and barking so much, just had to take a picture hahahah. 
b35 b36 b37 b38 b39 b40 b41 b42 b43
Perfect place to live, omg. 
b44 b45 b46 b47 b48 b49 b50 b51
Our navigation that day ~ lol promo pic for the Galaxy S2 wtf haha.
b52 b53 b54 b55 b56 b57
le COWS. 
b58 b59 b60 b61 b62
Typical laundry shot just had to capture this! *sneakily haha*
b63 b64 b65 b66 b67 b68 b69 b70

Leaving you guys with this foresty picture.
Part 3 will be coming!  Stay tuned ~


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