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maandag 23 juli 2012

New stuff and Old stuff ~


Harro herro ~
Just wanted to show you guys some stuff i bought recently and some awhile ago.
As you can see, i already bought some beloved cat shirts i showed in some post that i posted a while ago. And i'm soooo happy with it! Unfortunately the one with the pirate kitty was XL.. wich was WAYYY to big on me.. so i wear it as a dress lol.

Anihoo, i also bought some new stuff!

When i wen't to a shopping trip in Antwerpen i bought this lovely shirt at Forever21!
(First time that i wen't there and i was squeeling of all the cool stuff they had     better then H&M has unfortunately..)
Untitled Untitled
Also bought in Antwerpen, a pretty lace-flowery dress at Forever21 ~
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Awesomeee skeletonhands necklace ~ (dont know the real name sorry..)
Bought here! 
Guess whats in here..?
Untitled Untitled
Yeshhh ~ My very first macarons! I bought these in Utrecht and i was soo happy i found them!
I never thought they'd make them here.. but ofcourse these were pretty pricey since i bought it at a special candy store.. 
Hmmm i dont know wich flavors they all were, but i know that one had a rosy taste and 2 of them strawberry ~ 
Untitled Untitled Untitled
This was one with the rose flavour. It tasted different , but i really liked it!
Untitled Untitled
YUMM Mikado madness!! i know its a rip-off from Pocky but it still tastes yummy as hell ~
Untitled Untitled
YUMMM so many chocolateee   
Cute Micky and Minnie Mouse bag! It came along with the cute cup that i bought in the Disney store when i was in Antwerpen!  
Untitled Untitled Untitled
And the cuuutest cup that i bought !!  Aristo cats was one of my favorite Disney Movies and i always find her the cutestt ~ dunno what her name was tho.. damn 
Untitled Untitled Untitled

Well this was my short haul post for today ~
I will try to update my blog more often from now on! 

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