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vrijdag 20 juli 2012

My vacation in the beautiful Ardennen [part 3]


Hey guys!
So here is the last part of my beautiful journey in the Ardennen ~
Umm i played a lot with my 50mm lens and you can obviously see that in this post hahaha.
Just to give a more closely feel where i've been those days.

Hope you like it! 

c1 c3 c4 c6 c5 c7 c9 c10 c11 c12 c13 c14 c15 c16 c17 c18 c19 c20 c21 c22
A beautiful moment when the sun went down ~ 
c23 c24 c25 c27 c26
Very creepy path we came across when we walked alongside the road! 
We wanted to go there the day after, but we forgot. LOL (somehow glad we didn't, i find dark forests very creepy haha) 
Veryyy cuteee icecream store , but it was closed when we walked by 
We also wanted to go back there, but forgot again! DAMN 
c29 c30 c31 c32 c35
yaays donkeys's! they were only there when it was late evening.
They were so cute and you could feed and pet them! 
c36 c33
Smile to the camera! 
Cute family picture hehe! 
Last day when we went to the caves!
c38 c39
(Restaurant across when we ate lunch/dinner ~) 
Very dark and beautiful on the inside! 
c61 c62
We walked with a group of people when we went there.
c63 c64 c65
I can't remember anymore what it was called..  But this is made slowly over the years by rain! 
c66 c67 c40
This was taken when we had to wait before going into the caves. I photobombed this lady's souvenir store, but she didn't mind at all HAHAHA.
c41 c42
It's sooo damn cute, i want one! 
c43 c44 c45 c46
real gold!! 
c47 c48 c49 c50 c51 c52 c54 c53 c55 c56 c57 c58 c59
Fairy having a good time, hahaha. 
When we wen't to the restaurant across the caves! 
c69 C70 C71
Cute ass pictures of my bf, he wanted some profile pics for facebook hahahaha.
C72 C73 C74 C77 C75
Yummy, delicious warm apple pieeeeee 
C76 C78
And vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce crêpe!! It was SOOOOO delcious omfg. 
And at last, my souvenir that i bought in the lady's store hahaha.
LOL i had to buy something, otherwise i just felt too bad for her xD

WOOP. This was my last post about my great adventures in the Ardennen ~
Hope anyone liked the pictures haha. I wish to go back there soon, since i really enjoyed it there.

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