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woensdag 11 juli 2012

My vacation in the beautiful Ardennen [Part 1] ~


Hello hello ~
So here is finally my post about my vacation with Nick from last week ago!
This is part one, cuz there a hella lot pictures that i took and still busy editing, so enjoy part one, with at least 60 pictures! 

So we actually went to the place Village les Gottales high up in the mountains at Mont St. Jacques.  That lies in Trois Ponts in the beautiful Belgium.
We stayed there from the 2nd of July till the 6th.
So 4 nights and 5 days  ~
We took the car and it was a 3 hour roadtrip, wich was very hot and suffocating, cuz it was at least 30 degrees out side..

The first moment that we reached the mountains, i was so stunned how beautiful it was.
I've never been to the Ardennen before.. not even near mountains, so i was really shocked how beautiful and peacefull it looked!
Since i also have a thing with landscapes and all.. this was the perfect vacation for me hahaha.

Aniways we arrived there at 15.30 pm, cuz we had to be there at least at 15 pm so we could check in the house and stuff. And right after we dropped our stuff, we went on a exploring adventure right away! We were so lucky that we had such a great and warm weather that whole week. So we could walk every day ~

Our "home" village ~ its so small! 
Play garden ~
a3 a4 a6 a7 a8 a9 a10
Our dream vacation house ..  we wanted this one soo bad, but it was already sold out 
Entrance to a mysterious forest ~
a15 a13 a12
Our vacation house! 
a16 a17 a18 a19
Oops, dont mind the mess. 
a21 a22 a20 a23 a24 a25 a26 a27
Into the forest! ~
a28 a29 a30 a31
Hail to the wonderful GPS that leads us the way back and forth to our journey ~
a32 a33 a34 a35
OMFG.. that view! 
I miss it soooo much here... 
a37 a38
Hello Horsey! 
a39 a40 a41
Our companion that day hehe. 
a42 a43DURP yeah!  
a44 a45 a46 a47 a48
HAHAHA perfect snapshot. 
Nearby restaurant. 
a50 a51 a52 a53
Hello horsies! prt 2. 
Just a gorgeous view 
a55 a56 a57 a58
And our walking journey began  ~
a59 a60 a61
Oh hi cows! 
They aree sooo cuteee and curious, they stared at us the whole time hahaha!

Ending it with another gorgeous view, stay tuned for more pica's! 


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