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maandag 5 maart 2012

Catrice - Ultimate Colour; Princess Peach lipstick review ~

Soo here is finally mah review about the Catrice; Ultimate Colour - 050 Princess Peach lipstick ~
LOL i think i'm going to take a break from buying Catrice lipsticks cuz they aren't that cheap anymore if you buy them every week lol. (€4,- = $5,29) and ofcourse it depends on how many money you have x3
but since i'm kinda living on my pocket money i have to watch out for my money ~
aniways enough of that xD

I couldn't resist buying this one, since i never had a peach or any lighter shade of lipstick before, so i had to try it out ~

Likes and dislikes ~

I am starting to fall inlove with this colour! i love how it has a creamy texture just like the other lipsticks i have from Catrice [x] and how vibrant the colour looks after applying two swipes on your lips.

-Always fades after eating or drinking, so you have to re-apply every time ^^"
even though its a dislike, i'm already getting used to that though. But once i finally receive my first liptint, i hope these turn out great too xD

 make-up of the day ~ 

So i'm done again with this second review of today. Hope this doesn't bore anyone lol.
requests are always welcome!

have a nice day everybody 

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