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maandag 5 maart 2012

Essence - My skin intensively caring cream review ~


O hi thurr.
  I just bought this cream for my face a few weeks ago, because i forgot my own day cream when i spended the night at Nick's house :C 
It was really cheap and since this came in 3 different colours, i ofcourse picked the pink one ~

So this cream is for dry to normal skin and you can see it has pomegranate & bamboo in the ingredients, so it gives you a moisturised soft and smooth skin for 24 hours ~ 

written on the package:
This rich and intensive cream is especially formulated for skin prone to dryness. The precious active ingredients, enriched with pomegranate & bamboo infuse skin up to 24 hours with moisture leaving soft, smooth and beautifully radiant skin. The velvety soft cream is absorbed quickly, leaving no greasy residue. Provides the perfect base for make-up. With protective uva/uvb filters. The light, fruity smell is so much fun!

Apply in morning and evenings for best result!
Hmmm it has a really nice smell, very fruity! 

Likes and dislikes ~

-After applying this in the morning i really felt refreshed afterwards.
My skin felt very soft too.
-Doesn't feel greasy, absorbs in skin immediately.
-Fruity scent!

-Its not a bad facial cream, but it will never replace my real daycream xD
so it really comes in handy for rescuying the day if you ever forget your stuff xD 

Woohoo, so this was my review about the; Essence - My skin intensively caring cream review ~
Hope everyone has a nice day!

byee  xoxo

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