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woensdag 28 maart 2012

Small birthday haul~

Hello people 
I'm sorry for the very delayed birthday post i promised a while ago .. 
have been quite busy with job interviews, and i'm happy to say that i finally got a job ! (again after 2 months being fired at that other job ) ohwell, time to earn some money and hope that this place is the right place to be working at!  (If you want to know what kind of job i have now, i work at a small supermarket at the train station )

So about this post, i have to say that there are no cakes or whatever to find here .. 
mainly because the cake wasn't that special and i never really celebrate my birthday here xD ( i like to keep it small ^ ^" ..) But i do like presents and dolling up for this day, so thats whats its all about LOL.  

Still want to know what i got?
then keep on scrolling down xD

Birthday look of the day ~

Already worn boring outfit.  (already got money to buy new clothes, but they have to arrive yet here )

Samsung Galaxy Gio 
(can't describe how happy i was when i got this  but yeah my most happy birthday gift ever was the Canon Eos 600D that i got 2 months ago xD)

Box + phone itself ~ 
(already bought some cute awesome cases  i hope they arrive soon )

LOL with Meitu Gifmaker xD spammed my dog a lot when trying this app for the first time hahaha 

Presento's from my hubbyy  

Just a cute awesome card he made and created himself  

Weheww more macro filters for my camera!!  i will make a post about these baby's as well 

Got another gift from him as well, but it hasn't arrived yet heehee 

Not really the birthday post you expecited? meh i really had a great day that day even though i didn't too that much xD I just got one year older thats all  

aniwaaayss more posts coming up about mah camera tools and my new lens i got for my 50mm 

have a lovely day everybody! 


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