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woensdag 7 maart 2012

Happy happy 3 year anniversary to us ♥ ♥ ♥

Hello guys 
you read it right, its my 3 year anniversary from me and Nick! hehe 
Unfortunately i dont have pictures with me and him that are made today.. so i just planted some old pics made last year and a few years back to fill up this post xD

Damn i can't believe times goes by soooo fast and it still feels like we are together for a year or something.. especially cuz he's still acting sweet after 3 years xD
i'm always scared that it gets boring after a year or so, but this sure proved me wrong!
He really proved to me that he's the one and i'm still attracted to him ever since we met 

Aniways there will be some pic spam photo post soon, when we are heading to our vacation cabin this coming friday for 3 nights! 

I'm really exciteeeed, its a tradtion for us to celebrate our anniversary for a few days in a vacation house ~ We've done it last year and the year before, so i hope we never skip this tradition in the future though xD

Aniways i'm starting off with the look of today lol.
used my new liptint here  that i will review tomorroww  ~

And here comes the lovedovey pics, i warn you some may be very derpy..

okay WARNING, here come the DERPY PICTURESS!
love isn't always about having pretty pictures you know >:C

Just to show everyone how crazy we can be hehe

Just a few facts 

1. No matter how many hard times we had,
we always managed to get through this together.

2. You have always been there for me, in worse and good times
And i can't thankyou enough for this 

3. You are one crazy awesome sweet delightfull person to be around with
and i am so happy that i met you in my life

4. You still give me that happy "butterfly" feeling in my stomach whenever i look in those beautiful "autumn" eyes of yours ~

5. Whenever your not with me, my heart still aches to see you..
just missing that cute smile of yours whenever your acting silly 

6. I dont think that many people can say that they really found "the one"
and still say that after 3 years having that same feeling since day 1 

7. Even though i can be really grumpy sometimes,
you always do your best to make me feel better ~

8.I never feel lonely at all when i'm with you, your the only one i need in my life

9. Even though a lot of people have abandoned me, after all these years, you were still by my side 

10. You have no idea how much your love means to me, i really wish there was a stronger sentence then just "I LOVE YOU" 

11. Even though roses and chocolate can make a girl happy when they get some from their hubby, for me all i need is your love, hugs and kisses huhu ~

12. I am longing for the day when we will be spending our lives together forever ~
and thats the day when we get married    hehe

So now i'm aiming for our 10 years of anniversary, i know we can do it! 

sorry for all the mushy talking! i have more things i want to say, but i dont want to bore people with it. haha ~

So that will be it for today, more is coming soon huhu 

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