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zondag 25 maart 2012

Received my give away prizes from Mika! (Aka Alena Su n__n)


Hello all! 
thaaanks again for the sweet birthday wishes from my previous post 
i really appreciated it   !
I will post my small birthday post soon, so look out for that as well xD

Aniwaays this post is about a package that i received a while ago from a give away that i won ~
from the lovely Mika!  go to her cute blog here 
I've won such cute prizes! i'm gonna review a few of them too ! 

Things i won:
-Super cute bunny mobile hanger 
-Super cute bunny stuffed animal 
-False lashes 
-Fake nails with awesome zebraprint 
-Pink lipgloss 
-Glitter nailpolish 
-Bodyline Usamimi 

can't wait to write you back hehe , found a new penpal from my neighbour country hehe 


yaaays thanks so muchh for the awesome prizes Mikaaa 
likee it sooo much~ 


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