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donderdag 8 maart 2012

Etude House - Aloha Dear Darling Tint review + Smokey brown eye tutorial ~

Hellooo deaaries
Just wanted to thank you all again for the sweet words on my previous post!
you guys are awesome! n__n
So for todays post i'm going to review the Etude House - Aloha Dear Darling Tint that i bought from Cosmetic-love on Ebay and an easy-to-do smokey brown eye tutorial njennifer style ~

Just wanted to make a big post before i leave for 3 days xD Hope anyone likes my tutorial hehe ~ (i'm sorry for some of the pics, photoshop ruined the sizes = =' and i also apologize for my english if it isn't understandable to read :x)

Likes and Dislikes:

-Nice orangey lipcolour after 2 swipes~
-Stays for a long time, without re-applying all the time!
-Smooth and easy applying

-Kinda hard to blend out with fingers.

Overall, i'm going to use this one more often, especially because it stays longer after eating or drinking! And thats the kind of liptint i'm searching for ~
And since i'm inloveee with orange lipcolours, this one is also perfect for me!

Interested? get it here!

 Step 1. Apply some eyelid primer all over your lids.
Step 2. Use a peachy-white colour and apply this in the corner till the middle of your eyelid.
Step 3. Use a golden colour to fill in the rest of your eyelid and
 apply some under your waterline.
Step 4. Take a dark brown colour and apply with a small brush the creaseline of your eye.

 Step 5. Take your dark brown colour again and draw outwards, do the same part beneath your waterline.
Step 6. Take a black colour and apply that in the crease of your eyes.
Step 7. Result when you close your eyelid.
Step 8. Take your black colour and draw with a small brush underneath the brown colour, thats beneath your waterline.

Step 9. Take your dark brown colour again and line with a small brush on your eyelid.
Step 10. Choose a brown eyeliner and line your eyes.
Step 11. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite fake upper and bottom lashes.
Step 12. Final result when closing your eyes, and your done!

So this was my big post for today! :3
I'm heading off to my bed now getting excited for tomorrow hehe 

have a lovely weekend folks!


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