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woensdag 22 februari 2012

It's all about the lips; Catrice lipstick reviews ~

Well hello thar! 
Just wanted to share some awesome lipsticks that i bought last week for reviews ~
The brand is called Catrice, a european make-up brand that has a wide range of beautiful colours.
for eyes, lips, cheeks, nails and more!

It's one of my favorite make-up brands that i use the most on daily basis. ^ . ^
So the lipsticks that i bought for this post are the:

First i'll show you all the pics, then you can read the reviews on the bottom. xD
so enjoy huhu.

So what do i think of the:

Ultimate Colour: 060 Oh Juicy! ;
This is one of my most used lipsticks ever! I searched a long time for an orange lipcolour and this one really lives up my expectations! I absolutely love how bright this colour is and it gives my face a fresh look for some reason.

Ultimate Shine: 210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss ;
This is a really beautiful rosy colour, that i also adore! It gives you a soft look and the colour is really vibrant and shiny after applying once!

Ultimate Colour: 140 Pinker-bell ;
This is a beautiful vibrant dark lavender-ish colour that i wanted to buy for a long time as well!
After finding the last one that the store had to offer, i grabbed this baby immediately and couldn't wait to try it out as soon as possible xD I wanted a colour that looked  different from my other lipsticks. This one also fits perfectly with my lavender ombre hair so i see it as a win-win situation xD 

The only thing that i dislike about these lipsticks, is that you have to re-apply soon after you've eaten or had a drink afterwards.  

But its all worth it, if you dont eat or drink, it lasts a loong time ^  .  ^
So i really reccomend these lipsticks if you want a vibrant lipcolour that lasts a long time!
if you want to see more colours, check it out here: 


Well i hope anyone liked my reviews and check out this brand if you live in Europe ^ . ^

byeeeeeee xoxo 

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