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dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Dolly Eye - Natural 3 tones Green and Petitpoppy reviews ~

Hellohello ~
Today i will be reviewing the last sponsored lens that i got from Uniqso ;
the Dolly Eye - Natural 3 Tones Green ~

and some make-up treats that i got from the lovely Cathy 

[Yves Rocher]
-Pink lipstick
-Peachy pink lipgloss
-Peachy coloured eyeshadow

Well lets start 

 normal light
 with flash 
 Normal light / without and with lenses 

♥ Brand: Dolly Eye 
♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 42%  
♥ Diameter: 14mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 1 year disposable 

Colour and design []
This colour really stands out and looks really natural from afar or upclose as well.
I really like how it blends with my natural eyecolour ~

Comfort:  []
Same as all the other natural 3 tones, not feeling a thing in my eyes for 5-6 hours ~

Enlargement:  [] 
Not really an enlargement at all.. but you all know now that i prefer 15mm lenses xD

Really pretty colour, love how it looks natural on me, but yeah i will always prefer BIGGER lenses.

Interested? BUY HERE ~

Peachy -Pink lipgloss ~
 Pink lipstick ~

Hmm you can't really see a difference on the pics, but there is a difference in real life xD
The lipgloss looks much glossyer in real life and for the lipstick, its more matte.

Likes Lipgloss:
-Very moisturising, perfect for dry lips!
-Easy to apply
-smells sooo goood .__. like roses! ^ w ^
-Has a creamy glossy texture that feels nice
-Pretty pale pink colour!

Easily comes off.

Likes Lipstick:
-Vibrant pale pink colour ~
-Easy to apply

-Easily comes off
-Shows dry parts of your lips if you dont moisturise before applying lipstick

 Peachy eye shadow ~ [sorry if it looks messy, i already used it = =']
[not really focusing on eyeshadow, woops ^^"]

I really really love this eyeshadow colour! I've been using it ever since i received it hehe.
Also because i dont have this colour yet, gave me more reason to use it ~
It's perfect for natural looks and you can combine it with every colour :3

And about the eyelashes, they look really natural and it still has the "long enough" amount for natural dolly looks ~

Sooo a big thankyouu to Uniqso for sending the products 
And a biiiigg hug for Cathy for sending me these products as well! 

I hope everyone has a lovely valentine's day ~

I will post mah valentine cookie post in a minute! hehe.

stay tuned 

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