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donderdag 16 februari 2012

Sixth sense - Miryo make-up tutorial ~

Helloooooooo ~ 
just wanted to do something different for a change. I decided to make as much make-up tutorials as i can, since i have the time of the world right now xD (no job yet ^v^)

Soooo today i will be doing an make-up tutorial, inspired from the lovely Miryo in the Sixth Sense video by Brown Eyed Girls 
I wanted to do this look for a loooooooooong time, but i never got to do it.. 
This look looks so fierce > w <  and i wasn't sure if it would fit me lol, but i tried aniwaay, especially for you guys(girls)  ^ w ^

I tried to  make it as good as possible, so dont blame me for not doing it right, cuz i tried > <"
Aniways lets start shall we? I hope anyone likes the tutorial, i think it's awesome for badass party's lololol xD

 1. Lets start off with an eyelid primer smeared all over your eyelid.
2.Then apply a white eyeshadow all over your eyelid and in the corner of your eyes, and a bit under your eyelid as well.
3.Draw a line with your eyeliner on your eyelid till it reaches the corner of your eyes, then draw a line under your waterline.
4.Draw small wings next to each other under your waterline.
5.Then draw a big line on your eyelid and draw the line under your eyelid longer till the two lines are attaching.
6.Fill in the big gap with eyeliner.
7.Take your liquid eyeliner and draw all over the eyepencil parts.
8.repeat on the upper eyelid.
 9.Curl your lashes, add mascara and apply your favorite false lashes. (i used my Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye)
10. and your done!

I hope you guys have fun with this tutorial, cuz i sure did! ^ w ^ ~

nyehe baaibaai 

1 opmerking:

  1. Giiiirl I think you look fantastic!!! I totally love this look on you, I think you just pull off deep dramatic eye makeup so well *___*

    And I have to tell you, it's so funny I saw this post just now, because I've had Miryo's rap playing in my head for the past hour while cooking LOL!! UGH I love Sixth Sense!!! I listen to it over and over and dance n strut LOL thanks for the tutorial!!! I demand MORE!! <33333