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vrijdag 17 februari 2012

-Up in hamster heaven- R.I.P Kira ..

This post is dedicated to my beloved hamster: Kira.
He passed away last night and my mom found him lying in the corner this morning with his eyes open.. 
; ^; 
For some reason i saw this coming, but i wasn't sure when.. the weird thing is, every time i sensed when one of my hamsters would be dying soon, it always happened the day after.. this has happened 3 times before, with my other hamsters; Bella, Yumi and Yami..  and now again with Kira.

Even though all my other hamsters died for reasons like, sickness and getting old, i still dont know what the reason is when Kira died last night.. He only had the age of 1,5 years and the only thing that i noticed of him was, that he got very thin, didn't eat much and slept all day.

Aniways he has his eternal rest now and he surely lived his full hamster life, like a sir.
This little guy is a father of many children and had two, yes 2 loving wives.
Well in the beginning it was just one.. but when i found out she couldn't get any baby's because of her age (2 years old)  i bought another yellow dwarf hamster called Misa. At the very first day when the two of them met they didn't fight at all..  and were very curious with each other.. as a matter of fact, the last picture with the two of them, was the day they first met.. unbelieveable?  yeah i got really lucky with that shot. One of my best lucky taken pics i've ever made. 

Kira was also my male model as you can see, he always looked very curious when i took pics of him and it was never hard to photograph him cuz he loved the camera xD

I'm very happy that i had him as my little buddy these past 1,5 years and i will treasure his pictures forever. 
I hope you guys enjoy his pictures 
(first wife) Yami and Kira 
Kira and Misa (second wife)

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