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maandag 27 februari 2012

Having a little stroll in the forest ~

Hello dearies <3
Just a FULL LOADED post with pics that i took when i went out with my hubby to go to tha forest this weekend ~ Hope this doesn't bore people, cuz this is how a forest in 
holland looks like lol.
We also went with cute Hondje as you can see, and she was just as cute as ever, jumping around everywhere and being super happy, knowing that someone could 
take her to the forest again xD

aniwaays on to the pics and you will see it yourself, hehe ~

 Becuz.. Hondje is awesome hahaha ~
 and big DERP
Hondje in the car :B
absolutely love this pic   He looks so good in profile pics 

yehe this is my post for today xD i will post a make-up tutorial soon, so stay tuned ~

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