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donderdag 29 december 2011

Just some stuff ~

Hey guys! 
I really apologize for not updating as much as i should have..
I'm really busy with work and if i come home i go to my bed immediately = ='
i promise to do some reviews later! but for now.. let me bother you with my bf's new phonee x'D
the Samsung Galaxy SII ..

yeah i really wish it was mine, but i DONT have my paycheck yet till the 24st of January = ='
and if i do.. i can't afford such a expensive phone lols! soo i want to buy another phone.. 
or an iTouch instead :)

We had a lot of random fun playing with his new phone and making some random test pics x'D
It also has been a long time since we took any pics together .__. not that we didn't want to, but it just never came to that point LOL. (also my camera on my phone is crappy and i forget to take my own camera with me to his place = =') But ohwell that could be fixed now with his new phone :D
untill i have an awesome phone or iTouch instead <3

Aniways sorry if this is a boring post without reviews or anything, it will come later i promise! 
 > <
So enjoy our random pics x'D

[pic from the internet xD]
[pic by accident rofl taken in tha bus]
[look at my awesome wall.. nah jkk x'D]

well that was that for today!
I will be heading with my sleeping stuff to Nick's place for 2 days and will be spending my new year with him. I also have to work on the 1st, so its better for me to leave from his house to the trainstation.. = =

Aniwooo, i hope everyone has a

Happy happy new year and have the best night of your life with your loved ones ~


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