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woensdag 21 december 2011

Repost review for Uniqso: Macaron (Puffy 3 Tones) Brown lenses review~


Hi y'all!
So this is going to be a short and quik review about the Macaron Puffy 3 tones Brown.
Yes i already reviewed this before but the pics that i made are for Uniqso since they sponsored them for me.

Aniways i haven't wore these lenses for a long time, since one lens was defected ; -;..
made me feel very sad about it, cuz i love the colour and naturalness of this lens!
So i was really happy that Uniqso send me this pair to review for them.

And thank god for this pair that both the lenses are comfortable to wear for me!
Thats actually the only thing that changed about my opinion for these lenses lol xD
so now i give them a 5/5 cuz they are wearable ;D, pretty and not too big or too small ^^

Soo thats about it for my review lol! xD
and please excuse me for the messy make-up.. i worked today from 6am till 12pm and i was in a hurry ^^"

Aniways if your interested buying them you can get them HERE! ^^

hope you like the pictures though! xD

 natural light ~
 with flash~
 with and without lenses in~
 close-up lens~
[sleepy face is sleepy = - =]

Well that was it for today!
i'm really sleepy cuz its already 3am here > <"
my second review will come tomorrow! 

So please stay tuned for that ^^
have a nice day everybody ~



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