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donderdag 1 december 2011

Diamond Lash - Glamorous Eye review~

Hello hello

I am soo happy that i could finally buy one of my most-wanted lashes: Diamond Lash ~
There were so many kinds to choose from! but i finally came down with the Glamorous Eye pair.
I bought this pair on Ebay and it arrived a week later ~
I was so excited and super happy that it arrived very fast and couldn't wait to try it out immediately.

I still can't believe after so many reviews i read on other blogs about the Diamond lash, that
i'm doing my own one right now! 
And now that i have a job i can probably buy more of this in the future! and try out other
awesome stuff that i dreamed off trying! 

I couldn't be any happier lol 
Aniways on to the review ~

The review ~


-Super comfy and light! Got myself a pair of new fave lashes ~ 
-Makes my eyes look dolly and noticable ~ 
-Easy to apply! 
-Easy to remove ~ 
-Even if you cut the ends off, you can also use it as bottom lashes!! 
-Wearable for multiple hours ~ 
-5 pairs of lashes in one box ~ 
-Price is totally worth for 5 pairs of lashes! 

-Not available here 

Well i hope anyone liked this review ~
And find it usefull ~

hurhur happy days everyone ~

Ending this post with a (forced) smile 


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