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dinsdag 13 december 2011

Surprisingly much packages in my mail ~

Hello people! 
So i finally had my first day of work today!
I only worked for 4 hours though, cuz i had to watch and learn everything they told me and couldnt help any customers yet. Aniways i worked pretty hard today, with no rest! I think that most jobs have breaks after 2-3 hours, but i kept on working lol xD. Not that it was a big bother or anything, since it was 4 hours of working only. I did get very thirsty looking at all the shakes and drinks i had to make, but ohwell, my working spirit kept me going lol! thinking of all the nice things i could buy once i fully start working there. Makes me very happy!  Also the people who helped me there were very nice! So time went by pretty fast. 

So after i went home, i received a lot of awesome packages including the package that i won last week,
i was and still am sooooooo happy that i had a lot of packages at the same time.
Like i already earned much of the hard working i did today, haha!

Can't wait to try out all those lenses and i have a hard time choosing wich one i want to wear tomorrow at my second day of work 

aniwoo, here's the stuff i got!

 nyaa snowman sock hehe 
 Cute lenscase boxes 
 Royal Barbie - Laura Grey (Barbie eyeslands)
 Kimchi - Bambi Brown (Uniqso)
 Beuberry - Kitten Eyes Brown (Uniqso)
  Geo - Café Mimi Macchiato Brown (Korea big eyes)
 Geo - Bambi Princess Mimi Almond Brown. (From the lovely Jiawa!)

Ah so many things to review 
The more the better, haha 
Feels like x-mas already ~ huhu

Aniwayss i'll be reviewing a lot, so please stay tuned for that! 
have a nice week people!


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