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vrijdag 11 november 2011


[warning: camwhore post]

Hello people!
Happy 11.11.11 day to everybody, huhu
I didnt do anything special today, but i can show you what has been in my mail yesterday and what i wore today huhu~

A few weeks ago i ordered a wig (for the first time lols! xD) from the seller that xixi recommended: clickclick.

I never wore a wig before that looked like real hair, so i wanted to try it out how it looked on me and especially with long hair. I also picked a darker colour cuz there weren't much good looking light coloured wigs that looked as real as this one xD

The first time that i had this wig on, looked really strange on me, cuz i'm not used having dark and long hair lol xD but after i applied some make-up and cut a bit of the bangs it looked "ok".   I also think that it does look similar as the first pic shown here but with more curls in it.

It also felt a bit heavy on me, but that could be because i'm not used to wearing wigs and especially long ones as these xD

I also have no idea when to wear this wig then maybe on a public holiday like carnaval or for reviews hehe. But i will try to get used to the 'heavy' feeling and start making looks with it lols. 

Aniways on to the camwhore pics! 
what do you think?? 

Soo this was mah wigpost of today`~
hope everyone as an awesome weekend 


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