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dinsdag 1 november 2011

Bottom lashes number 30 review and stuff that came in my mailbox today~


Soo this post is about mah review about another 10 pair of bottom lashes that i bought on Ebay a while ago~  Ofcourse these were very cheap and always free shipping included

I'm also very thrilled that  i finally received my Palty hair dye Sakura creamy and my lenses wich i got from Uniqso. I always wanted to dye my hair with Palty and this time i've got enough money to buy one, yay! Ofcourse there will be reviews  about all the products i received and hopefully done this week

So onto the review~

-Very easy to cut in half.
-Looks natural in a way.
-Manyy lashes in one box
-Cheapo price!

-They are not that noticable (or maybe i just cut them too short )
-no glue included (because my lash glue is running out again xD)

I think these lashes  look very cute if you dont wear too heavy make-up~
so thats a reminder for me to make these more visible and dont use too much eyeliner 
Interested? check it out here~

Received stuff 
 My stuff that came in today 
 Puffy 3tones blue~ bought from Uniqso.
 Kimchi Mio Grey~ sponsored by Uniqso
 Free nose stuff ~
 Palty Sakura creamy hairdye, yaaay

Woohooo, stay tuned for all the reviews 
have a nice day everyone!

and please join my give away~


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