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woensdag 23 november 2011

Portfolio site.

Hey guys~ 
I'm sorry for not updating as much as i did before, but i'm currently working at my portfolio site that i'm making for my new school.  Every picture that i made these past years (well the best of them lol) will be shown in my site  
I tried to keep the design as easy as possible so people would know where they have to go lol.
I really hope that my site and pics are good enough to be entering the school xD 
Ohwell, i will let you all know when my site is done and will send out the link when i have him~

Aniwaaaays i hope anyone liked my design lol and please do let me know if you have any tips if you
know some Jquery or Php stuff that i can put in my site xD 

Oh and this is the last time to enter my give away!
it ends tomorrow!

Have a niceee day everybody 


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