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zondag 20 november 2011

Few looks and other stuff.

Hello guys, 
Sorry for not posting these few days, have been busy and lazy lately.
I also haven't updated a while about my life and perhaps it would be right dumping
 that crap in this
post cuz i dont have much to post lately, also because of bad lightning otherwise i would've posted more looks here..

Well where do i start?..
Lemme see, I have quit school for a while. Not forever ofcourse,
but i will be starting a new course next year. In the mean time (when i get accepted for a new job) i will be starting working for a while till my new school starts. It all sounds pretty easy when i'm telling it like this. But it really isn't.. I did find a job though. And i already applied and had my conversation with the manager last week. (The 1st three pictures were my look that day) Now i'm hoping to get a positive phone call tomorrow if i will be accepted or not. I know that the manager said that i dont have to worry much, but i'm still hoping ofcourse.. even though i have high chances to get accepted because i'm free for the whole week lols. Well maybe not the weekends, because i also want my free time. 
If i get accepted i have to sacrifice myself to get up every morning at 4:30am, because they start at 6 in the morning.. xD Pretty early? hell yeah i've never woken up this early lols. But the good part is that i'm usually done working at 2 or 3pm in the afternoon, so i can still make appointments or just sleeeep till dinner lols.  It also seemed like a nice job, because you have to serve food and make milkshakes in a very small place at the trainstation. And another good thing is, if i get accepted, i get to work with a friend of mine who also works there. Would be awesome if we could be collegues haha. But yeah i'm still hoping for now and crossing my fingers that i will be accepted, because i really need this job.

Wooh. This was a lot of bullcrap of whats going on now lols.
Sorry to bore you guys, i just wanted to get this off my chest haha.  
Aniways here are the few looks that i had last week.

Sooo this was my boring post for today, more will be coming soon~
Hope you all have a nice day 

And oh join my give away!
It ends the 24th of november! Be fast lol.


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