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zondag 9 oktober 2011

Playgrounds festival 2011~

Ohioo people~ 
Sooo our school wen't to Playgrounds festival last friday (more info about the festival here.)
 And we stayed there from 10:25 till 6pm.. it was actually our intention to go earlier but the show's were a bit longer then we thought it would..  we saw a few artists, and i only liked a few of them, because the rest of them talked to much and made me want to go to sleep..  I made a video of the artis'ts work that i liked the best~

Wich is shown here:

(sorry for my crappy filming )

And the rest of the evening with pictures!  
Look of that day~ 
Maaike, Lita and me 
 Arrived at Tilburg~
 Pic made by Lita ~  [Happy,happy LOL]
 Inside the Playgrounds festival~
Just strollin'  in the city after the break~ 
 Getting some delicious snacks
Hawaii pizzaaaaaaaa * ^*
Pic made by Lita ~
Pic made by Lita ~    [Flapjack is watching you.]

Pic made by Lita ~
Pic made by Lita ~

Woohoo that was it for this post~
hope you all enjoyed it 

I will post after this post my give away
please dont except too much of it, because of my "short by cash" problem its going to be a
mini give away.. 

aniwaaays, hope you all had a nice weekend!


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