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maandag 24 oktober 2011

A little bit of shopping.

Hello peeps~ 
So today is the start of my one week vacation and the first thing what i did today was
going to the city with Nick and looking around for some stuff~  Well as you can see in the pics below i did bought a few things, becuz i dont want to spend all my money in one time. 

One of my fave things i bought was the dress, cuz i wanted the black version of my dress here, but they didnt have that one anymore so i took the grey one.
I was kinda bummed about that, but it doesnt matter that much, cuz grey can look cute too, right? 

I also pampered myself to buy another colour palette (got it for a cheap price huhu)
and i really love the colours~ 

And ofcourse the final thing that i bought was the winter boots that i had to buy, because of our cold weather and winter, that is coming soon 

Aniways i let the pics do the rest of the talking~ 

 Make-up for tha day~ 
 New lip gloss from Essence: Stay with me longlasting lipgloss~ 
 Excuse me for my crunchy lips. they are dry..
 New dress~ same as the white one here, but in a grey colour 
 Wehew, new colour palette~ 

Aniwaaays this was my post for today, more post's soon hurdur~ 
Hope you all have a wonderful week! 


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