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donderdag 6 oktober 2011

3 looks of tha day + my dad's birthday~


Hey peeeople!
Soo these are my 3 day-looks of the day (every day another outfit + make-up etc)
Sorry for the quality of some pics.. had some bad lightning (oh yeah today i could finally wear falsies again, (kinda missed them) i used another glue to hold them together and for some reason it worked xD seems bad, but ofcourse if it hurt i would never do it again xD but it didnt so i might try out again lol.)

And today is my dad's birthday, he turned 49  (almost 50 )
made some delicious cupcakes for him and an selfmade birthday card~ 
i couldnt make much cupcakes for him, because of his cholestorol  soo i only made a few xD
and we will nomnom away if he doesnt want some rofl.

Oh and tomorrow i'm going to Playgrounds festival with school, so i'll be making some pic's and upload  it ASAP if were done  (if you dont know what it is, its an visual art festival where they show you art from artist all over the world, also premieres of new pixar movies!)

Aniwaaays here are tha pics~ 

Today's Look of the day~ (Plain clothes with dolly make-up)

Wednesday's Look of the day

Tuesday's Look of the day~ (and awesome shirt borrowed from Nick)

(6th of October)My dad's birthday + cupcakes made for him~

I hope everyone had an awesome week!
thankyouu for readingg 


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