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zondag 2 oktober 2011

Maaike's birthday + HOLYFRAP 300 followers o___o

Hello peeeps
okay first of all: OMGG I REACHED 300 FOLLOWERS!
especially to the lovely people who always leave sweet comments on my posts 
(you know who i'm talking about! hehe~  thankyou so muchh)

I am hosting a give away soon (i know i also said that a few months ago..) but it will be a MINI giveaway because i'm really short by cash right now 
i hope that won't be a problem lol..i will try my best to pick out some cute stuff!
soo be prepared for that~ 

Soo what about my weekend?
It was Maaike's birthday and i baked some cupcakes for her and bought her a cute present huhu~
I had a lot of fun making the cupcakes and i hope i made her happy with it  
Aniwaays we went to the movie together called: Crazy, stupid, love and its about a guy who's got into a divorce with his wife because he got too boring (lol) for her and thats how she got an affair with a man at  her work. When the guy is totally depressed at a bar, a stranger casanova wants to help him to become a ladiesman like him. xD Its a really funny movie  and if u want to know more click here ~
Later that day Maaike wen't home to meet up with her other friends and i had an appointment with Nick later that night 

unfortunately i dont have pictures of the event itself, but i do have some pics of the cupcakes, present and looks of the day xD 
Enjoy tha pics~ 
OMG BAD- HAIRDAY ALERT , ignore please 
Gift + self-made birthday card for Maaike

Soooo this was my post from this weekend!
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend too 
wishing you all a lovely and save day~ 


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