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dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Flamingo lash glue review + no lens and big falsie look~

Hello guys!
Soo i ordered some lash glue recently on ebay a few weeks ago and i finally received it a few days back! so i immediately tried it the other day and i'm very pleased so far.
i never bought lash glue seperately in stores or internet before(mainly because its too expensive or it comes with the lashes) but i was very lucky to find this product on Ebay for a cheap price! and ofcourse FREE shipping hehe.

Aniways on to the photos! And my look of the day; No lens and big falsie look~ 

Flamingo Lash Glue 

Soo on to the review 


-After you apply the glue, you can immediately stick them to your eyes (no need to wait, yay!)
-It stays ALL DAY LONG 
-Its transparent so the white dissapears after a while on you eyes. 
-Cheapo price! 
-Arrived very fast


-A bit smelly.
(and lol thats it! xD)

Interested? check out the link here

I really recommend buying it, cuz i use it every day now! 
and its so cheap, so you wont lose many money? xD haha 

Aniwaaay i hope you all liked my review and find it usefull huhu~ 

and oh, please join my give away 
it ends on the 24th of november~ 

Have a lovely day everyone! 


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