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woensdag 27 maart 2013

Young Action Hero [school assignment]


Hello there!image
This is another 9 picture story that i had to make for an assignment in school.
The theme was "Young Action Hero" and i had to make pictures of a kid that is good at any kind of sports xD It was reaaally hard to find someone that i know.. because i dont know any kids = = and all my relatives that has young children live on the other side of the world sooo..
I tried to find someone that maybe my bf knows as well. And luckily we found Vince!
He lives one street away from my bf's house and he's the son of a friend from my bf's uncle xD
This kid is reaally good at skateboarding as you can tell in the pictures xD
I was kinda worried he might not do the tricks that i had to suggest for the pictures, but luckily, he could do all of them! so yaay to that!

And the day that i took the pictures was kinda troublesome too, cuz it was snowing!!
Buuuut, the snow stopped right before the shooting!! omg so lucky, cuz this was the last weekend i could make pictures of him, because of some other snow issues before as well.. so annoying > <
It was reaaally cold outside, but i'm glad Vince was okay, and didn't bother the cold at all.
It was quite relaxing to work with him and he listened really well!

As a thank you gift we bought him a whole bag of candy and some chips xD
Well i had to give him something, cuz my pictures turned out pretty great, thanks to him!
And he's a very good model too!! hahaha.

foto_2 foto_3 foto_4 foto_5 foto_6 foto_7 foto_8 foto_9 photomontage_1 photomontage_2 vince1 vince2


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