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donderdag 7 maart 2013

4 year anniversaryy!! ❤ ❤ [07-03-2013]


Hey hey hey~image
Today is a special but random post, because it's my 4 year anniversary with my hubby Nick!image
OMG i really can't believe that time goes sooooo fast. imageimageimage
Well it was actually our tradition to rent a vacation home for a week or so.. but since Nick quit school for this year and has no money, we couldn't go anywhere unfortunately image
So what else could we do? We enjoyed each others company today and went to the Mac with my treat hahahaimage. And after we went home, i gave him my home made triple chocolate cake suprise xDD image
Also made puppets our of marzepain that had to present us, i'm not an artist or anything ok? i tried LOL!image
imageAnd well after that.. we wen't durping before the camera, cuz we haven't taken any pics together since our last anniversary a half year ago!image
Wanted to take some good pics.. but uh these came out.. ohwell xDD

an3 an2 an1 an4 an6 an7 an8 an5
[Had to post this one hahahaha, i love the look on his face, so sneaky loll image]

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