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zondag 10 maart 2013

The new GRUDGE.

Aaaand i'm all back with the creepy pasta photo's!
Sorry guys, but yeah.. i feel like a grudge lately haha. For some reason i dont find these pics scary at all since.. it's just me in them xD I maybe have a creepy mind.. that might be true. But ohwell in the end it's still "just me" xDD

And i also found some new inspiration as well 
Since someone commented on one of my pictures saying that it looks like a horror manga and also looks like it could be from Junji Ito's art, i looked him up and thought daaaamn. I know him from somewhere xD
And i just found out he's a really good horror manga writer!

Showing some stuff: [warning: not for people with weak stomaches..]

lol i know, freaky right?? I'm inlove with the details !!
It's really inspirational for the kind of pics i'm making lately xDimage And i'm thinking of remaking a few of his drawings to make actual pics of them!image
I know it will be hard.. lol but i shall be trying my best xDD imagehahaha

Aniwayss i shall be leaving you guys with some more freaky pics of me, hahaha.

Good night ~

"Monster in the closet"
"You are NEXT"

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