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donderdag 3 juli 2014

[sponsored] Phantasee - Rogue lenses review ~


Hello all image

Back again with a lens review sponsored by Phantasee!image
I'll be showing you the

Phantasee - Rogue pair ~ 

Hope you all like itimage ~ 


review-phantaseerogue1 review-phantaseerogue2

Phantasee - Rogue~

♥ Brand: Phantasee 

♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 38%  
♥ Diameter: 14mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 12 months disposable 

review-phantaseerogue3 review-phantaseerogue4 review-phantaseerogue13 review-phantaseerogue14 review-phantaseerogue9 review-phantaseerogue5
With flash.
With and without lenses.

Colour and design:  []
Amazingly bright design, just as shown in the pictures!image I never thought it would be this
vibrant, since i'm always sceptical of some lenses that looks vibrant, but just fade away in my eyes xD image
But these definitely suprise me! The green just stands out so much, that it's hard enough, not to notice them!image

Comfort:  []
Good comfort for the past 3 hours that i wore themimage. ~ 
Also used eyedrops since they feel dry pretty fast.

Enlargement:  [] 
Not much enlargement since they are 14mm, but that shouldn't really matter if the
color already stands out that much ~ image

Absolutely awesome looking lenses perfect for  photoshoots, halloween and cosplay!image

Not recommended for daily wear, unless you have a cool style that comes with it hehe.image

want them? get them HERE! image


review-phantaseerogue15 review-phantaseerogue10 review-phantaseerogue11 review-phantaseerogue12

Hope you all liked my review!image
Won't post as much anymore, since i'll be on vacation with my hubby next week!image
Have a good summer everyone ~ image

xoxo image

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