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maandag 30 juni 2014

[sponsored] Krista Lenz (SNK) make-up tutorial + I.Fairy - Jewel blue and Krista Lenz wig review ~


Hi guys!image

Since i'm doing a make-up tutorial every month, i decided to do something special with it image
So i wanted to do a Krista Lenz (from Shingeki no Kyojin) eye-make-up tutorial, while also having the chance to dress up like her hehe image

The wig i'm wearing is also for the character Krista and sponsored by Uniqso!image
You can buy awesome wigs from them as well ~ 
The lenses i'm showing here are the I.Fairy - Jewel Blue and i'll be doing my review
on them as well. image

Made so many pictures lol, since i loved to be Krista that day hehe.image
Aniways, i hope you all like it!image


[back of wig]
[front of wig, excuse me for the lamp i don't own a head where i can keep my wigs on image]
review-ifairyjewelblue3 review-ifairyjewelblue4 review-ifairyjewelblue5 review-ifairyjewelblue6 review-ifairyjewelblue7

I.Fairy - Jewel Blue~

♥ Brand: I.Fairy 

♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 55%  
♥ Diameter: 16.2mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 12 months disposable 

review-ifairyjewelblue8 review-ifairyjewelblue9 review-tut15 review-tut14 review-tut20 review-tut21 review-ifairyjewelblue10
With flash.
With and without lenses.

Mini review wig:

[how to put on a wig in very easy steps ~  ^]

Wig color: Light gold
Type: 100% Heat resistent fibre
Wig length: 55cm

-Really  comfortable and easy to wear ~ 
-Feels natural when wearing
-Color is exactly like picture shown on Uniqso.com
-Easy to brush.

-Delivered without wigcap.

get this wig HERE! image

image          image          image

Colour and design:  []
A very pretty simply blue lens that looks really natural from afarimage ~  
It blends very well with my brown eyes and has a bit of a glow in daylight wich i really like!image

Comfort:  []
Very good comfortable lenses, wich i have worn for 5 hours straight image
(eyedrops are always recommended if you want to wear them longer)

Enlargement:  [] 
Even though it's 16.2 mm, i feel like it's rather 15mm. But it's big
enough to pass like Krista's eyes i think heheimage ~ 

Really pretty and natural dolly blue lenses, that is perfect for daily looks or cosplay like an SNK character hehe.image

Want them? get them HEREimage

review-tut18 review-tut19

image       image       image

And on to my Krista Lenz eye make-up tutorial image

What i used here was:
(from left to right)

-Eyelash glue
-Peach colored lipstick
-Palty light brown eyebrow mascara
-Essence liquid eyeliner
-Essence eye primer
-Essence white eyeliner pencil
-1 eye shader brush
-1 small eye brush

review-tut3 review-tut1 review-tut2 review-tut4 review-tut5 review-tut13

(excuse me for my english, since it's not my native language)

Step 1: Start off with a clean eye and apply some primer for long lasting eye make-up.
Step 2: Apply a light- yellow-white milkish color all over your eyelid.
Step 3: apply a light-goldish brown color at the center and fill in half of your eyelid.
Step 4: Apply the same color beneath your waterline.
Step 5: Fill in your waterline with a white pencil. (to make your eyes look bigger and more animated)
Step 6: draw out a black line with liquid eyeliner on your eyelid and apply some mascara.
Step 7: Apply your false lashes

After that i added some light brown eyeshadow above my eyelids and shaded it out with my fingers, to add some shading for my eyes.  (optional)
And finally i colored my eyebrows a light brown with eyebrow mascara and applied my peach lipstick for a more natural lip color like Krista's. 

-After all that, put on your SNK outfit and wig and you're ready to goimage ~ 


review-tut17 review-tut16 review-tut22

This was my Krista Lenz make-up tutorial + reviews! image
(Read this if you are heading to place an order for Cosplay circle lenses)
I hope everyone liked itimage ~  Really enjoyed doing this since i LOVE Shingeki no Kyojin and want to cosplay every cool character if possible! xD image

Hope you all have a good weekimage ~ 
Till next post!

xoxo image

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