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vrijdag 20 juni 2014

[sponsored] Phantasee - Black & White Scelera lenses review ~


Hi guys ~ image
It's been awhile but i'm back with a new scelera lens review!image
Sponsored by the lovely Uniqsoimage

These are called the;
Phantasee - Black & White Scelera  pair

Please check out my review, and keep scrolling for the video that i made showing these lenses !
Hope you like it ~image 

Eternal Sailor Moon's Scarf and Ribbon


Phantasee -Black & White Scelera~

♥ Brand: Phantasee 

♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 38%  
♥ Diameter: 22mm 
♥ Base curve: 11mm 
♥ Duration: 6 months disposable 

review-Phantaseewhiteblackscelera2 review-Phantaseewhiteblackscelera3 review-Phantaseewhiteblackscelera9 review-Phantaseewhiteblackscelera8 review-Phantaseewhiteblackscelera4
With flash.
With and without lenses.

Colour and design:  []
Absolutely awesome and terrifying looking!image I just love how the white
stands out, expecially from afarimage~ Also loving the black, that creates an even more demon-eyed lookimage ~  These black and white lenses are also awesome for black and white shoots, since there are no other colors seen image

Comfort:  []
I had some irritations when putting them in and wearing it for 5 minutes image, but after 
getting used to it for 2 hours they didn't bother me anymore! image

Enlargement:  [] 
Obviously huge enlargement, since it covers up my whole eye image ~ 

-♥ for the irritations at the beginning, but other then that, absolutely love how these lenses look on me and how it turns me into another character ~ imageimageimage
I really recommend these for halloween, cosplay and photoshoots! Not for daily wear, unless you're badass hahaha ~ image
(Follow this guide when you are wearing Sclera Lenses for the first time or share with Uniqso how  you wear your sclera lenses.)

Want them? get them HERE! image


Mini Gifs

review-Phantaseewhiteblackscelera10 review-Phantaseewhiteblackscelera11 white_flower

please check out my video below!!image
[ I made a video for my final project from this period in school and it's a 1 minute process
about my character transformation. with photoshop edit included!
Everything is done by me and ofcourse the model is me as well.
This is one of my very first detailed video i made about myself and it took me such a  long time
filming and editing everything image But it was worth it in the end, since the teachers were very pleased about it, so yay! i hope you like it too, please dont be too harsh on me, since i'm no proffesional or anything xD and also best to be watched in HD ~ ]

"wonder in the woods"
[fully processed picture~]


Thank you for reading/watching!image
have a nice weekend ~ 

xoxo image

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