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woensdag 16 juli 2014

[sponsored] Phantasee - Kurse lenses review~


Hello hello~ image
I'm back from my vacation in Germany and also back with a new Scelera lens review!
This pair is sponsored by the lovely Phantasee image

I'll be showing you all the;

Phantasee - Kurse pair

Hope you all like it!

review-PhantaseeKurse5 review-PhantaseeKurse6
Phantasee - Kurse~
♥ Brand: Phantasee 

♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 45%  
♥ Diameter: 22mm 
♥ Base curve: 11mm 
♥ Duration: 6 months disposable 

review-PhantaseeKurse7 review-PhantaseeKurse10 review-PhantaseeKurse11 review-PhantaseeKurse9 review-PhantaseeKurse1
With flash.
With and without lenses.

Colour and design:  []
A very awesome and realistic design that catches attention immediately!image
The veins really make it look bloody and infected and i love how the "new" green eye stands out and gives it a kind of a zombie eyed look~  image

Comfort:  []
Since these are Scelera's they dont feel that comfortable wearing for a long period of time, so thats why it's best to wear it for 2 hours maximum. image

Enlargement:  [] 
Yup very big enlargement, since this also covers up my whole eye!image
It can't get any bigger then that lol.

Absolutely awesome looking lenses, that is perfect for a zombie, sick or any creepy theme!!image
They might not feel as comfortable as normal sized lenses, but if you like to go for the extreme, these are surely something for you! image

want them? get them HERE! image

review-PhantaseeKurse12 review-PhantaseeKurse13 review-PhantaseeKurse8

Thank you all for reading this post ~ image
More reviews will be coming up in the future! image

xoxo image

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