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zondag 2 september 2012

Le dye dye.


Hello peeps ~
I'm soooooo sorry for not catching up with my blog = =
School has started for 3 weeks now.. and well, i'm focusing on that ofcourse.
I am currently starting all over again with my college, and this time i'm taking the Photographic course in den Bosch :3
For now i really like the subjects we're having, but the only thing that bothers me, is the time i'm done every day = = Well we start at 09.30am. But we are almost every day done on 16.30pm.. 
And ofcourse the train trip, wich i am used to now o__o
My route:
20 minutes with my bike to the trainstation, 20 minutes in the train and at last, 15 minutes of walking to school.. 
And ofcourse going back as well.. can't believe this is going to be my 4 year route..

Ohwell, back to this main post!
I have bought 2 hair dyes to dye my hair back.. to light brown-ish!
First one is the Palty - Sakura Donut Bubble hair dye
and the second one Fresh Light - Maple Brown Blythe bubble hair dye 

[pictures ~]h16 h14 h18 h21 h17 h15 h22 h23 h24 h26 h25 h19 h13 h20 h4 h1 h2 h3 h8 h5 h6 h7 h10 h11 h9 h12

Well to let you all know.. i already have dyed my hair with these dyes.
And i'm sad to say that it FAILED..
I did not have enough Palty to cover up my whole damn head.. so i've bought another one.
And the fresh light.. meh it failed to make my blue parts brown.. so i still have some parts of my hair blue-green-grey-ish  - -
It's super duper fugly. And yeah i did make some pictures.. so you can all see how much it failed ..
I probably show them in my next circle lens review.. so be prepared to hurt your eyes.. = ="

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