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woensdag 12 september 2012



Hey guys ~
Apologizing that this is not a lens review or whatever.. just showing you guys some bits and pieces of how my school life looks like.
Especially if you're taking the Photography course.

Well dont expect too much lol.
These photo's are taken in the past few weeks. 
Some are assignment pics and some just random snaps ~

fk3 fk4 fk6 fk7 fk8 fk10 fk9 fk11 fk12 fk13 fk14 fk15 fk16 fk17 fk19 fk18 fk20 fk21 fk22 fk1
Well this is where the magic happens.
Our job was to take a picture with this thing. Impossible? NOPE. All you have to do is put some photo-paper into this can, go outside, sit still for 30seconds so the picture can develop from the small hole on  the inside.(behind the tape) 
fk2 fk37
And these were our results xD
1st. one pic of my phone , failed miserably. Teacher found it interesting since it looked like a ghost picture LOL.
2nd pic, me and Ivy staring at the can with no heads. (i'm the one at the right)
fk27 fk28 fk29 fk31
Our school restaurant! They have cheap and yummy food, and very good service LOL.
fk30 fk32 fk33 fk34 fk35
Apple-pancake YUM. (only 1.80€ only .__.)
fk36 fk23
School assignment: 
Portrait with Low shutterspeed.
fk24 fk25
Portrait with Fast shutterspeed ~

Well this was it for today guys.
Now you kinda know what I do at school haha.

Dont worry, my next post will be a review haha.
have a awesome day people ~


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