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zondag 2 september 2012

[sponsored] GEO Xtra - WTA00 lenses review ~

review-GEO Xtra - WTA0013

Hello hello! 
So this is my first review of my black circle lens series ~
Today i'm reviewing the; GEO Xtra - WTA00 lenses.
All sponsored by the awesome Uniqso

Uhm just to let you know, this is NOT my dyed hair..
its my new wig i used for school  
and ofcourse to use for reviews to hide my fugly hair. huhu.   


bl1 bl2 bl3 bl16 bl17 bl18 bl19

GEO Xtra - WTA00 review 

♥ Brand: GEO Xtra
♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 38%  
♥ Diameter: 15mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.7mm 
♥ Duration: 1 year disposable 

review-GEO Xtra - WTA001 review-GEO Xtra - WTA002 review-GEO Xtra - WTA003 review-GEO Xtra - WTA004 review-GEO Xtra - WTA006review-GEO Xtra - WTA008 review-GEO Xtra - WTA0015
Natural light.
review-GEO Xtra - WTA0016
With flash.
review-GEO Xtra - WTA0017
With and without lenses.
review-GEO Xtra - WTA0020 review-GEO Xtra - WTA0021
Extra close-up.

colour and design:  []
Even though this design is very natural, it does have a very cute heart design in it, if you look closely.
It makes my eyes pop out, even though there is no color showing.

Comfort: []
The comfort is good enough after 4 hours or so, after that i really needed some eyedrops to restore my eyes. (they dry out pretty quickly.)

Enlargement:  [] 
Makes my eyes very big and natural dolly ~

If the comfort were more long lasting, this would be the one of the nicest natural lenses I have.
Aniways i would surely recommend this one, if you want natural big dolly eyes with a cute twist of a heart design in it ~

Interested? get them HERE!

review-GEO Xtra - WTA007review-GEO Xtra - WTA0010 review-GEO Xtra - WTA0019review-GEO Xtra - WTA0011 review-GEO Xtra - WTA0018 review-GEO Xtra - WTA009 review-GEO Xtra - WTA005 review-GEO Xtra - WTA0012

Thanks for reading this review! hope anyone found it usefull ~ 
I will be back with my next one, so stay tuned ! 


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