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vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Tony Moly - Red Apple liptint & [sponsored] Shiseido UV White Skinmask reviews ~


Hey guys!
Here's a very quickie review about two products i received a while ago!
The first one is about the Tony Moly - Red Apple liptint that i bought on Ebay!
And the second one is about the Shiseido face mask i received from Uniqso ~

So first off the;

Tony Moly - Red Apple liptint review

li3 li2 li1
[After applying two times]

-Very vibrant color
-Goes on nice and smoothly
-Lasts a pretty long time!
-not small, so i hope i can use it for months!
-Not expensive (especially on Ebay)

-Only if you eat a or drink a lot, you might have to retouch sometimes.

Lol i had this for quite some time and i was stupid enough to forget reviewing it..
but it did gave me a lot of time, to build my opinion about this product ~
And what i can say about it , that it's a wonderful vibrant liptint that looks great with any look ~
apply less for more natural red lips, or more for a classy kind of look.  Either way is good! 

Wanna buy this? go HERE!

 Shiseido UV White Skinmask review

v1 v2 v3 v4
When applying the face mask. [Feels very gelly]
30 minutes later. [Mask is dried up and makes my skin feel very tight]

-Easy to apply, because of the gel and smooth texture
-Dries up pretty quickly
-Very cheap.

-A bit too tight on my skin when it's all dried up
-Very hard to remove, because you have to pull out the dried out parts off your face. ( and it teared too easily ..)
-Did not feel as moisturised afterwards unfortunately.

I dont know if its differen't on other people or not, but it didnt work out for me i guess.
I did not like the super tight feeling at all.. and my skin is already very dry and sensitive from itself.. it actually made it a bit worser in my opinion..

But ohwell, it might be different for you people, so if you dont have the same kind of skin like i do, this might be the one for you! ~

buy it HERE!

Well this was my quick review post for today! I hope to help anyone with this. ~

Have a nice weekend everybody  ~ 


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