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maandag 6 augustus 2012

A day at the wonderful beach !


[WARNING: picture heavy!]

Hello hello guys ~
Sorry for the late update again.. have been away for a few days, since my bf's parents are gone for a week 

And as you can see i went to the beach! finalllyyyy enjoying some summersun. Wich was also the warmest day of the goddamn week.. we were so lucky!
But in my case, it was a bit TOO warm. I think they said it would be like 26 degrees, while it actually felt like 30 degrees    ugh.

Ohwell, enjoyed it! since this is also our year routine to go to the beach together , i'm happy the weather turned out fine that day, even tho it was kinda rainy when we went back.

Well enough with the talking, i shall show you guys my beachy day ~

g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 g7 g8 g9 g10 g11 g12 g13 g14 g15
super- duper yummy white chocolate waffle! 
g16 g17 g18 g19 g20 g21 g22 g23 g24 g25 g26 g27 g28 g29 g30 g31 g32 g33 g34 g35 g36 g37 g38 g39 g40
Cute playcar for kids 
g41 g42 g43 g44 g45 g46 g47 g48 g49 g50 g51 g52 g53 g54 g55 g56 g57 g58 g59 g60 g61 g62 g63 g64 g65 g66 g67
(visiters, welcome!)
g68 g69
We ate some kibbeling at that time.. but forgot to take pictures! 
g70 g71
Yummmyyy ice coffeeeee 
g72 g73
lololol half dead fly that Nick picked up, so i could take a picture of it !
g75 g76
Smoooch faaail. 
Pancakee menuu ~ 
g77 g80 g85
Ice tea, peach and lemon! 
g79 g78 g82
Hmmm mini pancakes ~ or what we call in dutch: "Poffertjes" ! 
And for me; Pancake with banana and sugar ~ 

Aaaand the end of my picture show.
Unfortunately i didn't take any more pictures and i'm sad the parrot guy didn't show up this time!

If you guys want to know how the whole beach looks like, i still have posts from last year:

Post 1
Post 2

Ohwell, hope anyone liked it!
Till next time folks!


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