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dinsdag 26 juni 2012

[sponsored] Luxury Babe - 08 Pink lenses and Taiwan handmade Upperlashes reviews ~


Hello thar!
I'm back again with a review.. this time sponsored by Shoppingholics. (Thank you very much!
well two reviews to be exact, Luxury Babe- 08 Pink lenses and Taiwan handmade upper lashes.

Also tried a new look..  with my FOREHEAD.
hahaha you have no idea how i always hide my face with bangs.. cuz well i dont like living without them    they have been with me all my life hahaha.

So this time i'm showing you guys how big my forehead is!
LOL be prepared. An airplane has landed on it once.. okay joke. LMAO.

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Luxury Babe - 08 Pink review ~

♥ Brand: Luxury Babe 
♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 45%  
♥ Diameter: 15mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 1 year disposable 

Untitled Untitled Untitled
Natural light.
With flash.
With and without lenses.

colour and design:  []
WOW i absolutely love how vibrant this lens is! Also the design in the lens looks very interesting too, looks like little flowers side by side. LOL dunno how else to describe it 
Also blends pretty nicely with my own eyecolour, makes me look like i have a big iris or something haha.

Comfort: []
Good comfort that lasted for 5-6 hours top. Also good with eyedrops ~
The only thing is, that these lenses are reaaally thin, so it might be hard to put them in your eye at first because they fold so easily    But after putting them in, they feel like nothing ~

Enlargement:  [] 
They are really dolly for 15mm lenses, wich i really prefer so 5 stars to that!


Dolly, comfy and very outstanding! Might not be suited for normal wear of make-up because of how alien-like it looks    But cute enough for cosplay, or just plain crazy days!

Interested? GET THEM HERE
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Taiwan Handmade Upper lashes review

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

-Big and dolly looking
-10 pairs in one box ~

-Hard to apply..
-Does not come with glue.
-If you have bad glue (like i did) it will come off eventually.

Well i think i had to apply more glue to make it more sticky.
Cuz they were almost falling off the whole time    well you can deff see that in the close-up pics..
ugh ohwell.. i still like how they look tho! very big lashes that makes the "Dolly" look complete 

Interested? get them HERE!


Well this was my post for today! more coming up and working as hell!
please stay tuned 
thanks for reading people ~


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