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zondag 3 juni 2012

Meeting up with.. THE Yapo Nightroad! ~


Hello helloo!!
This post is a veryy special post because... i met up with THE famouuss Yapo Nightroad from www.yaporu.net ~~
My words coudn't express how excited and happy i was when i finally had the chance to actually MEET her! I have been following Yapo-chan for over a year now.. and i always thought how cool it would be to meet her! but it was always just a dream cuz she lived so far away in the Phillipines

But since she moved to Belgium (Brussells) i finally had the chance!  For this event my job really came in handy, so i also had the money to go somewhere else now   so that this opportunity came closer in real life! Well lets start this story from scratch shall we?

We had planned to meet each other in Antwerpen(Belgium) around 2pm, also because its a bit closer to my place and it wouldn't cost so much money. (Brussells is really expensive if you go with the train from Eindhoven) I wen't with the train and it took me 2 hours to get there.When i was finally there.. trouble happened immediately lol. Well the weird thing was, i had no connection whatsoever when i arrived in Belgium.. i couldn't call her, or anyone without WIFI connection.. i was like WTF how the hell do i have to call somebody with WIFI connection?! 
I asked for help at the customer service desk where i could get any free wifi, because i have no free internet (ugh   ) So they told me to go to the Starbucks that was around the corner. They had free internet there, so i went there and i connected with their internet. It still DIDN'T work. now i was going to freak out    also because i had no idea where i met up with Yapo and also because it was my first time alone in a foreign country LOL. So again i went to another helpdesk and asked if they had phones where you can put your money in. 
Well they told me that they didn't have one in the train station but that i had to go outside.. i was like no way i dont want to get lost in a big city all by myself 

After that i panicked once more and went to first helpdesk that helped me before. There i was crying like a bitch asking if i could lend them there phone    DAMN have i never been so emberrased before.. but kindly enough i could call with their phone! so happy! i dialed Yapo's number like 2 times, but for some reason it didn't came trough, so after the man helped me dial the number again, Yapo finally picked up lol i was so happy to finally hear her voice, cuz i was hoping that i wouldn't meet up with a perv or someting else LOLL. 

So after that i finally met up with Yapo! she came with 2 of her cousins that brought her there.
DAMN i have never met such a honestly sweet girl like her in my life! first we went outside just chillin on the side and talked about lots of stuff  
after that we went to Starbucks, sittin there for 2,5 hours?! omg we didn't notice that the time would fly by so fast   aniwaayss i brought some presento's with me for her, some cupcakes (where the frosting came off unfortunately..) Merci chocolates, cat chips LOL, and eyeshadow ~
(hope you liked them Yapo > /// <)  LOL after sitting there for so many hours a strange creepy man sat across our table and stared at us for a while.. he also asked us if we were lesbian (WTF) because we had pink hair? what?    and if we were punk LOL. i can't really remember what we said after that    but i did know that afterwards he offered us something strange, that kinda looked like cigarettes but  i wasn't sure    we searched for reasons to go and we actually had a reason because i lost my lens cap    so after finally finding my lenscap i offered Yapo some gum and the man wanted some gum too.. felt akward to give him, but i did so he could go away    i'm glad i did, cuz he went away after that
And after the Starbucks incident we decided to take some pics in the beaaautifuuulll trainstation ~
Its so big and gorgeous there, i feel like living in it LOL. There were more pics, but Yapo has the rest on her camera. Aniways there were a few people that aproached us because of our hair and it was actually the first time i experienced that too    i think people have more confidence to say something if there are more people who have the same things that stand out? or so i think haha.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Yapo lending my lens ~
Well after that we decided to explore stuff outside the trainstation ~ So Yapo took me to the Sushi restaurant. But on our way i took some pics of the very big and pretty streets of Antwerpen ~
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
The trainstation on the outside.
Untitled Untitled
When arriving at the Sushi restaurant ~ 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
I've never been to to a sushi restaurant before and never ate it as well! i am sooo happy that i also experienced that with Yapo and couldn't believe it all tasted so yummy! I had to take pics of that lol, so i can remember the yummygoodness when looking at it   Unfortunately after that.. i got a huge stomache ache.. but i guess it was because of the raw fish? dunno.. but still worth the pain    I think we also sat there for houuuurss.. and we split the bill when we were going. 
After that we headed towards China town ~ Yapo also knew the way and we arrived there safely as well haha.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
China town gate in construction.
Untitled Untitled
The store that we went in for buying some snacks!  We both got something for our moms (since my mom is also a filipina and loves shrimp ships that we dont sell in the grocery stores we have here..) Also bought some yummy candy and sweets. And nommed a few when were sitting outside of the store. DAMN we only talked and sit for hours instead of exploring the whole city hahaha! at that time we didn't even camwhore yet! soo we rushed and was searching for a good place to take some awesome pics. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Korean clothing store for men. Unfortunately not for girls
Untitled Untitled Untitled
And finallyy the camwhore begins! hehehe. We spotted a place in the middle of the streets where they had grass and bushes. The perfect place to hide from people when taking pictures hahaha. 
Enjoy the first set of pictures at place one ~ huhu.
Untitled Untitled
Why can't i make better expressions 
Untitled UntitledUntitled
Yapo calling with her cousin ~ He was worried enough to call her every hour or so, how sweet of him!
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Picture of the WHOLE trainstation on the outside, isn't it magical looking?
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Okay this is our second spot that we used for camwhoring. Why? because after sitting there for a while it smelled really baaaddd    at first i thought it was just pee of some dog that came by.. but when we looked for another place, some poor BUM was sleeping behind us all the time    hahaha. (he kinda looked like santa tho.. poor santa   )
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Yapo.. why you so cute?!    hahaha i look so boring beside you    i can only make duckfaces for some reason.. DAMN.
One of my fave pics   (i also have a different expression here.. LOL)
Untitled Untitled
Eva Cheung related!! also posted this on facebook ~ hehe. And got a reaction from her too. whooo ~
Untitled Untitled Untitled
After talking and having a happy time it was time for me to goo!! i actually had to take the train from 7pm but i missed it. We weren't sure if we could actually make it, cuz we were looking and asking everybody where the train could be. After 30min of searching i was deff sure that i missed the train and that i had to take the second train that was coming around 8pm. Yapo was soooo sweeet to stay with me the whole time till my train comes!! omfg so happyyy    In the time we had left we took some last pictures of our outfits we had together. And some chats before my train came. 
Untitled Untitled

After that we gave each other a hug and she went back with her cousins as i left the train towards home.

I have neverr ever met such a genuinly sweet bubbly girl who i ever had such a great time with after meeting for the very first time!    It felt like we known each other for a long time, and i'm not really comfortable with new people so fast! i am sooooooooo happy i met her, and i wish to meet her again when she comes to Holland next time    

Thanks Yapo, for making this the best memory i've had with you ever! I had the most awesome time with you!! its still a bummer that we didn't explore the whole city and i also wished we took more pictures of us together! but talking with you made the hours fun when it went by    I feel like i have made a new friend and i hope it is the same with you    We were the crazy pink haired girls that ruled Antwerpen and we shall soon rule again when you arrive here ~ 

I love you Yapo!    see you again soon. 

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