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donderdag 19 januari 2012

Item's swap with Petit Poppy ~

Hello hello! 
I was supposed to upload this earlier but i was way to lazy and tired to do so, sorry Ox
aniwaays last week i received a package from Cathy!  from the blog; Petit Poppy ~
We decided to send each other some make-up items from our country's ^^
since she lives in France she has send me some popular products that is famous in her country from the brand; Yves Rocher.

My items that i send her are on the way and i'm pretty sure if they arrive there, that she will blog about it too, so stay tuned for her version as well ~

So what did i receive from her?

Peachy coloured lip gloss 
Pink lipstick
Peachy coloured eye shadow
Pink nail polish

I will make a look and a review about these products very soon  
so please stay tuned about that also 

Sooo thankyou very much dear Cathy for sending me these products! 
i really hope you like mine too! 

nyehe this is my late post for today, i will also introduce my new camera soon wich i got from my awesome parentss z206486445.gif image by aznxue

so bye for now!


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